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What is the main purpose of using

Smart service software called Health Management Software (HMS) is used to handle a variety of hospital functions, including patient information, scheduling, staffing, inventory, and billing. Hospital management system automates the administrative, financial, and clinical processes in healthcare settings. Its primary goals include efficient patient management, improved clinical workflow, increased operational efficiency, accurate billing and revenue management, better inventory and resource management, regulatory compliance, improved patient care and safety, and data analytics and reporting to inform decision-making.

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What We Offer in our

Hospital Management Systems

Aparajita serves a wide range of features from Dashboard to User Access Management. The main purpose of HMS is to simplify various aspects of hospital operations and enhance the overall efficiency, accuracy, and quality of healthcare services. 

How Hospital management Solution broader technological ecosystem in healthcare?

Management software for hospital works with a variety of systems and technologies to optimize hospital operations, improve clinical workflows, and enhance patient care. As such, it plays a crucial role in the larger technology ecosystem of healthcare. To improve management of care, enable data transmission, and promote evidence-based treatment, it integrates with telemedicine systems, clinical decision support systems (CDSS), electronic health records (EHRs), and health information exchange (HIE) platforms. To further enhance productivity, guarantee regulatory compliance, and enhance patient outcomes, HMS integrates analytics, workflow automation, revenue cycle management (RCM) capabilities, and security and compliance controls in healthcare businesses.

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Impressive Pragmatic & Helpful Features Included

Patient Registration

Detailed information of patients. Register patients and view their reports and history. Mandatory fields for crucial patient information.

Smart Billing

Schedules for doctors & patient evaluation Diagnosis, Lab orders Medication orders, procedure orders data reports on user activity

Indoor Management

Patient admission & bed allocation admission cancel of patient's bed change patient service and clinical test Doctor Consultation

Out-Patient Management

Distribution duty for On-Duty Consultant Patients’ History and Diagnosis Details Schedule Summary for daily, weekly and monthly

Billing Management

Patient smart billing & payment option printable invoices & receipts insurance and sponsor bills & hospital bill payment system

Pharmacy Management

Bill Generation, Central Current inventory report, Generate detail and all issue report Date and duration wise Inventory product listing

Inventory management

Facility of Purchase Procurement Order. Listing of Product receive. Emergency Product order. Receive Notification for Product department.

Stock management

Product recycles information. Stock adjustment. Fixed Asset note & Scheduling report. Module wise report generation.

Bed & Ward Management

Assign patient to ward room/beds availability. Track patient’s information when shifted from one ward to another ward.

Doctor Service Management

Create Schedule appointment list of patients. Create time slot for each doctor. Track and schedule Maintain patient’s appointments information

Patient Relations

Collect patient data from different information systems. Patient portals Keep patients health records, data, communication and messaging.

Employee Management

Traceable daily work time of each employee & Total working hour’s calculations. Editable time-sheet record Employee, Approver and Administrator modules.

HMS Payroll Management

Hospital employee pay scale wise salary distribution Updated Employee salary calculation and tax deductions Maintain employee leaves information & salary deductions

Due Bill Collection

Track unpaid invoices and automate the process of getting them collected. To guarantee on-time payments, send patients notices and reminders about their remaining balances.

Account Management

Keeping record of Daily Payment and receive Report generation of Daily Accounts Generate Monthly Balance sheet Yearly Balance sheet Report generation

Benefits of

Hospital Management System

Efficient Information Management

Digital patient records, administrative information, and medical data are centralized by hospital administration systems. This guarantees data accessibility and accuracy, expedites information management procedures, and decreases paperwork.


Improved Patient Care:

Healthcare professionals may quickly and readily access detailed patient information thanks to hospital management systems. This promotes more informed decision-making, increases the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, and raises the standard of patient care overall.

Accurate Billing and Financial Management

Lower mistakes and guaranteed correct billing automated by billing procedures will ensure hospital’s revenue growth. This will show overall daily, monthly, yearly revenue amount as well as due bill collection generated by hospital. 


HR Management

Frequently Ask Questions on Hospital Management software

What Is a Hospital management Software?

A EHR software package called Hospital Management Software (HMS) is used in hospitals to automate and simplify every aspect of clinical, financial, and administrative operations.

How Hospital management software works?

It operates as a single point of contact for handling all areas of hospital operations, such as scheduling appointments, billing and invoicing, inventory control, pharmacy administration, medical record management, laboratory information systems, and more.

Is it possible to operate HMS offline?

Mainly, It's a cloud base operating system and It's not possible to use this offline.

How long do I get support ?

You can get two types of support and it depends on services you choose. feel free to knock us anytime.